Sad Sad Time

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Sad Sad Time
Sad Sad Time
Duration:3:43   Year:2023
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“Sad Sad Time” unfolds as a heart-wrenching narrative of a person’s early exposure to crime and hardship, shaping a path that leads to a difficult life on the streets. The repetitive refrain, “ain’t gonna change,” emphasizes the inevitability of circumstances beyond the narrator’s control. The mention of being born into crime at the age of 10 sets the tone for a childhood marked by adversity. The sadness and hardship intensify when the narrator’s father is taken away in a police car, leaving a void that echoes through the hard times they face.

Growing up without shoes on the street becomes a poignant symbol of poverty and the struggle for survival. The repeated line, “Oh, such a sad time, sad, sad time,” underscores the emotional toll of the circumstances. The narrative emphasizes the impact on the narrator’s character, acknowledging that the experience made them a “bad, bad man.”

The portrayal of the mother resorting to prostitution to buy food reflects the desperation and complex choices made in the face of poverty. The repeated plea for forgiveness from the Lord and the desire to get a job highlight the yearning for redemption and a way out of the cycle of hardship.

“Sad Sad Time” eloquently captures the complexities of a difficult upbringing, addressing themes of crime, poverty, and the yearning for a better life. The repetition of phrases emphasizes the recurring and enduring nature of the narrator’s challenges.

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