Momma’s Steam Train

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Momma's Steam Train
Momma’s Steam Train
Duration:4:08   Year:2023
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“Mamma’s Steam Train” delves into the harsh and oppressive reality of a person’s life, marked by the challenges of their skin color and the relentless struggle against slavery. The phrase “Black on blue” is a powerful metaphor, illustrating how their skin “is perceived” in a society that judges based on appearance. The mention of tumbleweeds and thorns marking the day of their birth suggests a life surrounded by adversity from the beginning.

The lyrics vividly depict the narrator’s dire circumstances, with empty pockets, thin clothing, and the constant threat of violence from the big boss wielding a Willow whip. The repetition of “Hard times, hard times” echoes the recurring struggles and captures the protagonist’s persistent challenges.

The physical toll of human slavery is described in this song through tears and sweat mixing on the run, bleeding feet, and harsh punishment. The imagery of running in the hot sun, barefoot and desperate for water, encapsulates the grueling conditions endured.

The narrator’s internal thoughts and questioning (“I wonder why, I wonder why”) reveal a sense of contemplation and longing for understanding amidst the harsh realities of their existence. The pounding heart and the dog chasing raw meat convey the instinctual fight for survival in the face of oppression.

“Mamma’s Steam Train” is a poignant and evocative song that confronts the brutalities of slavery and discrimination, using vivid imagery and repetitive refrains to emphasize the ongoing hardship and challenges faced by the protagonist.

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