Momma’s Lamp Post

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Momma's Lamp Post
Momma’s Lamp Post
Duration:3:32   Year:2023
  • Description

“Mom’s Lamp Post” is a poignant and haunting narrative that explores the dark and challenging circumstances surrounding the narrator’s birth and upbringing. The repeated refrain, “I hate the day I was born,” establishes a sad and regretful tone, with the black cloud hanging over the narrator’s head, symbolizing a persistent shadow of hardship and sorrow.

The lyrics delve into the impact of the narrator’s father’s deception about the night of their birth and the tragic loss of their mother to heroin. The stark portrayal of being born under an old streetlight on Harlem Street, with no shoes on their feet, paints a vivid picture of poverty and despair. The cardboard box and old black rocks further emphasize the harsh conditions of the narrator’s early life.

The reference to the father singing a Blues song suggests a coping mechanism or a way of expressing the pain and struggles faced by the family. The repeated plea to the Lord underscores the loneliness and isolation felt by the narrator, especially after the tragic loss of their mother on the day of their birth.

“Mom’s Lamp Post” is a raw and emotionally charged song that confronts the harsh realities of homelessness, addiction, and family tragedy. The repetition of phrases and vivid imagery create a powerful and haunting atmosphere, capturing the depth of the narrator’s pain and the weight of their experiences.

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