Little Red Wagon

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Little Red Wagon
Little Red Wagon
Duration:4:12   Year:2023
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“Little Red Waggon” is a poignant and evocative song that tells the heartbreaking story of a life marked by the hardships of slavery, loss, and survival. The lyrics trace the narrator’s journey from being branded as an enslaved person in 1854, experiencing the devastating impact of the Civil War, and facing the aftermath of a tragic fire that leaves them dirt-poor and on the run.

The symbolism of the lightning splitting the old oak tree, leaving a black mark, mirrors the narrator’s dark skin and the challenges they face due to racial prejudice. The death of their dog and the burning of their house further contribute to the sadness and hardship in their life.

Using the little red wagon as a metaphor for the narrator and their mother’s mobility and resilience in the face of danger adds a robust layer to the narrative. The wagon symbolizes survival and hope as they navigate the rugged terrain of prejudice and hatred.

The night becomes a time of refuge and prayer, contrasting with the dangers they face in the daylight. The lyrics express the fear and vulnerability felt by the narrator and their mother as they move silently in the dark, constantly on the run to escape the threats of slavery and persecution.

The closing lines, expressing the narrator’s longing for their absent father and their desire for a different skin color, encapsulate the profound impact of societal injustice and the yearning for a better life. “Little Red Waggon” is a moving and impactful song that sheds light on the historical struggles of those who faced the brutality of slavery and the resilience needed for survival.

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