Kiss The Sky….

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Kiss The Sky....
Kiss The Sky….
Duration:3:26   Year:2023
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“Kiss The Sky” is an uplifting anthem celebrating resilience and determination in facing life’s challenges. The narrator expresses joy and gratitude for the opportunity to work again, attributing their motivation to their supportive and beloved partner. The declaration of avoiding crimes and choosing good times sets a positive and responsible tone, emphasizing a commitment to a better path. The imagery of being a gambler singing the blues in shiny black shoes adds a touch of style and flair to the narrative. The repeated lines about singing to the blue sky and praying to the Lord convey a spiritual and optimistic outlook, with a desire for freedom from the metaphorical broken chains of hardship. The lyrics also touch upon the determination to overcome economic struggles, referencing paying bills and defying the challenges of a fractured economy. The repetition of the stanza about being a gambler singing the blues, wearing shiny black shoes, and praying to the Lord highlights the themes of persistence, faith, and hope. The mention of taking six roads leading to gold and working to keep the family healthy underscores the narrator’s commitment to providing and ensuring a positive future. Overall, “Kiss The Sky” is a spirited and hopeful expression of overcoming adversity with faith, hard work, and a positive outlook.

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