Hard Time…….

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Hard Time.......
Hard Time…….
Duration:4:00   Year:2023
  • Description

“Hard Time” is a stark and poignant song that delves into the consequences of a life marked by criminal activities and the inevitable incarceration that follows. The repetition of the phrase “Bad crime” sets the tone for a narrative of regret and the acknowledgment of wrongdoing. The specific mention of selling cocaine and being caught on the line suggests a descent into illegal activities, leading to the inescapable reality of facing hard times behind bars. The lyrics vividly describe the physical and emotional toll of imprisonment, from being locked away to losing one’s way. The image of smashing rocks in the hot sun, accompanied by the hot sweat rolling down the face, captures the grueling and harsh nature of the labor associated with incarceration. The repetition of “hard time” reinforces the bleakness of the situation, emphasizing the inevitable consequences of engaging in criminal behavior. The mention of being thin as a bone further conveys the toll that imprisonment takes on the individual, both physically and mentally. Overall, “Hard Time” is a sobering reflection on the repercussions of a life marred by crime and the harsh reality of facing the consequences in a correctional facility.

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